About us

CoinCapital.LTD is a privately owned asset management firm legally registered in Australia. We create, sustain and multiply wealth by providing excellent investment solutions, innovative assets management and financial services to our clients while raising standards and talents in wealth creation for the world.

CoinCapital.LTD is a provider of investment and financial services tailored to satisfy the needs of individual and institutional clients; operating in both primary and secondary markets. Our goal and objective is to maximize profit and minimize losses each day traded and preserve the wealth of stakeholders (Investors, clients and shareholders).

CoinCapital.LTD is a wealth management and investment firm engaged in various financial services that include: financial advisory, funds management, proprietary trading, foreign exchange/commodities trading, investment in real estate and alternative assets [including frontier/global investments].

how we work?

Innovative Ideas

Our clients are equipped with various investment tools including our research reports to aid their investment decisions.

Business Solutions

We aim to build a long term business relationships with our current and prospective clients through our unmatched service and delivery.


We provide an array of research analysis to our teeming clients in product development, investment and securities reasearch and reports.

Trading Summary

$ 177,159,615.14 total deposits

$ 10,567,373.64 total withdraw

13803 total Members

1220 Running Days