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daily profit
10.00000000 Ƀ
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10.00000000 Ƀ
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10.00000000 Ƀ
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10.00000000 Ƀ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coincapital.ltd?
Coin Capital Ltd is bitcoin and altcoin mining company and www.coincapital.ltd is the medium through which Coin Capital Ltd provides opportunity to everyone to invest in the company and receive lucrative return on their investment.
What does coincapital.ltd do?
Coin Capital Ltd is bitcoin and altcoin mining company and has expertise is allocating computing resources to portfolio of cryptocurrencies to generate consistent and risk mitigated return on investments.
Is Coin Capital a legally registered company?
Yes, Coin Capital is a legally registered company and it was incorporated in July 2017 in United Kingdom and operates within the laws of United Kingdom.
Where is your company located?
Our company is registered in the UK and has its own mining stations in several places around the globe. Our company office/headquarter is located at First Floor, 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, UK.
Are there any risks on my investment in your company?
Like every other investment in the world, your investment in our company also carries certain degree of risk. You can lose some or all of your money. Please invest only what you can afford to lose.
How can I invest in Coin Capital?
To invest in our company, you need to register account with us and then proceed to make deposit section in your member's area. Minimum investment which we accept is 0.001 BTC or $8.
How many accounts can I register?
You can register only one account with us.
Can I register multiple times with the same IP address (for my friends/family)?
Yes, there can be several account with the same IP address, as long as they don't share the same payment account details as well, and you can prove that all account belongs to different individuals (if required).
While registering I am asked to enter a Bitcoin address. What should I do?
You can create a free bitcoin address at Coinbase.com or Localbitcoins.com or at Blockchain.info . You can also open a Advcash, Payeer, Perfect money or Payza account and make deposit through these payment gateways.
Can I change my Bitcoin address after registering account?
Yes, you can do this anytime from your account settings page.
What are the investment plans coincapital.ltd offers?
coincapital.ltd offers 60 Days Term plan under which we offer 3% to 4% profit Daily, which turns out to be a profit of 1.33% to 2.33% per day.
What payment system do you accept?
We accept Bitcoin, Advcash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, Nixmoney, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.
What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin or $8.5.
What is the maximum deposit?
The maximum deposit is 20.00 Bitcoin or $170,000.
Where can I find instructions how to invest and make money?
We have prepared a detailed description of all the stages. You can find it at the GET STARTED page in our website.
How quickly deposit is added?
A feature of Bitcoin network is system of confirmations. Normally, your payment must have at least 3 network confirmations before it will be added as deposit. It may take from one to two hours. In rare cases, you may be faced with the expectation of up to 24 hours. We have no influence on the speed of this process, and can only recommend to wait a little after sending. In any case, your deposit will be added sooner or later. Non cryptocurrency deposits are processed immediately.
When my first profit will be credited?
Profit is credited in your account daily. First profit will be added to your account exactly after 24 hours after deposit.
How long will my deposit work?
We offer 3 Days, 6 Days and 60 Days plan. Therefore, your investment will generate profit as per the plan selected by you.
When can I withdraw profits?
You can withdraw your profit as soon as your balance is over 0.0001 Bitcoin or $0.8.
What do I need to withdraw?
To withdraw funds from your account, you can proceed to WITHDRAW FUNDS section in your member's area. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm. Funds will be sent to your account automatically.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
You can withdraw any amount with a minimum of 0.0001 Bitcoin or $0.85.
How quickly withdrawals are processed?
All withdrawals are processed instantly and automatically.
Do you charge a fee for withdrawal?
No. We do not charge any fees for withdrawal.
Can I invest from my account balance?
Yes, you can invest from your account balance.
Can I get my deposit back?
No, it is not possible to get your deposit back. We offer profit for every day, for entire duration of investment and your principal is already included in the daily profit.
What is the referral commission you offer?
We offer 3% referral commission for every deposit made by your referrals.
Do I need to deposit in your program to earn referral commission?
No, you earn a referral commission, regardless of the fact that you have a deposit in our program or not.
Who are official representatives?
Official Representatives are our closest partners, who thoroughly know our company and are willing to share their own experience of investing. You can contact your nearest representative for further information and advice in your local language
What referral commission representatives earn?
Referral commission for representatives is 6%.
How do I become a representative?
In order to become a representative, you need to have an investment of $500 with our company. After that, you can just send an email with your name, and your contact details (city, phone number, social media links). Consideration of applications for representative's status takes up to 2 working days. Once your application is accepted, your information will be added on the site, and your referral commission will be increased to 6%.
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