60 Days Plan
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daily profit
10.00000000 Ƀ
weekly profit
10.00000000 Ƀ
monthly profit
10.00000000 Ƀ
Total profit
10.00000000 Ƀ

Get Started

Investing with coincapital.ltd is a fairly simple and straightforward process. To facilitate your understanding of the necessary steps, we have developed a short set of instructions for all.

1. Get your Bitcoin or Other Payment Processor account

There are many sites that offer free registration of cryptocurrency addresses. We recommend you to choose the most popular websites where you can become a holder of required wallet, such as Blockchain, Coinbase etc.

If you have already registered an address before with another website, don't worry: we work with any type of wallets that allow you to send and receive Bitcoin payments. Please note that during account registration you will need to set your Bitcoin address. You can also open an account with Perfect Money, or Payeer and invest in our company.

2. Sign up for coincapital.ltd website

To become coincapital.ltd user, go to the registration page and enter your username (any word or combination of letters and numbers, which will be used to log into your account), and email. Set a strong password and your Bitcoin/other payment gateway account where you will get payments. After filling out the form, an email will be sent to your email, with login information for your account in case if you forget and/or lose password.

3. Make a Deposit

Once you have registered, login to your account and go to Make Deposit section. All you need is to enter amount you wish to deposit, but not less than 0.001 Bitcoin or about $8.5. Depending on this amount the system will automatically select appropriate investment plan. Now you will be directed to page where you can make this payment.

4. Wait for adding of your deposit

A feature of Bitcoin network is system of confirmations. Normally, your payment must have at least 3 network confirmations before it will be added as deposit. It may take from one to two hours. We have no influence on the speed of this process, and can only recommend to wait a little after sending. In any case, your deposit will be added sooner or later. In case you have made deposit through any of the other payment gateways, it will be instant.

5. Get Profit every day

Coin Capital Ltd's uniqueness lies in the fact that profit is accrued every day, after the addition of your deposit. Deposit is working on an ongoing basis, and brings profit every day, 365 days a year. Note that profit is accrued at intervals of 24 hours; accrual time coincides with the time of addition of deposit to your account. The exact server time you can check the top of the page.

6. Withdraw your profits

To get payout, you have to make appropriate request in your account. Go to Withdraw funds section and enter payout amount that you want to withdraw. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.0001 Bitcoin or $0.85. Once your request is made, the system will process it instantly.
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